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Searching for Andy Searching for Andy

by Frank Tomasello

Frank Tomasello launched a quest to uncover the circumstances of the death and burial place of his older brother, Andrew, killed in action in WWII. Andrew was a member of the 165th Engineer Combat Battalion, a part of General George Patton’s Third Army. Through his research, Frank was able to locate surviving members of the 165th Battalion and learn that Andy and 11 others died in a house in Hornback that had been booby-trapped by the departing Germans, The house exploded, killing 12 and wounding 8 others The Army Graves Registration Unit identified Andy’s remains and he was buried in the Ardennes American Cemetary in Belgium Frank was able to locate many surviving members of Andy’s battalion who tell their stories in this book. An excellent and well-researched history of the 165th Battalion and their heroic actions.

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Featured Books

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