The Lexington Press

Our History

The Lexington Press was originally housed in one of New England’s older structures. In 1870, H.M. Meriam moved his expanding shoe finding business to Oakland St. adjacent to Lexington Center. The building housed a newspaper from 1928 until 1955 when the paper moved to another location.

A new printing company, The Lexington Press remained in the building, earning a reputation for high quality letterpress work. In the 1960s it was one of the areas leading short run book printers. In 1973 Bob and Judy Sacco bought the business — the old Merriam Building, after 100 years, once again became part of a family business — maintaining the same standards of high quality.

In 2005 the building was sold to Supportive Living, Inc. They renovated the building and transformed it into a residence for individuals recovering from traumatic brain injury. The presses were moved to Newton, NH and a sales office in Lexington was opened to maintain contact with existing and new customers.