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Digging up the Truth in LexingtonDigging up the Truth in Lexington

by Susan Carryl

The author’s journey of discovery began when she dug up an old farm tractor in the woods behind her Lexington home, dating from the 1800s farm era. She began delving into the history of her property and the history of Lexington itself. Other discoveries followed — an old iron cooking pot with a heavy iron chain and some much earlier Native American stone tools. The author tells the history of Lexington through the eyes of two boys who look for buried treasure in their backyard. Digging among the roots of an old tree, they unearth a root cellar with artifacts from early periods of Lexington history. With the aid of an archaeologist and help from the town library, they identify their treasures — stone tools from Lexington’s earliest settlers, Native Americans — and later relics, a knife, and a bag with musket balls. Through their discoveries, the boys learn about the history of the town and meet Elizer, a mysterious stranger from another era– the original owner of the knife. They leave the knife on an old hay tedder and in its place, find that Elizer has left them a stone ulu — a native American slate knife. The book includes meticulously researched history of the town with a listing and description of historic places — a must read for anyone interested in local and Colonial history.

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Featured Books

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